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    Please no time wasters, I will not be talked into giving it away for free so please do not try. Sorry if this doesn't concern you bu the two previous times I have advertised this I have had what i can only assume to be kids trying to scam me.

    Well, bidding starts at 10 which I believe is roughly $15. It's only an image and will be cut into html, price does not include sub-pages.

    Methods of payment: Cheque, Money Order or Nochex, unfortunatly Paypal do not accept my card.

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    Actually i offered before and im not a kid trying to scam you, i didnt like the way you demanded payment before i got any of it when i have no idea who you are and it wasnt paypal or anything like that.........i got another and i wanted 2 tell u but i lost ur aim so i couldnt

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    I didn't demand payment, I didn't want to hand it over with out at least some payment, it's standard don't know me, I don't know you. If it seemed like it was 'demanding' then I'm sorry but thats not how it was ment...

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