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    Logo & Color Suggestions

    Hey all,

    Looking for some suggestions for a logo and a site color theme. As you can see by the current state of the site, its all grey-scale and blocked out for layout, but the icing hasn't been applied as of yet. The logo is temp as well.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated - hit me with your best shot!

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    a great idea for a website.

    as for suggestions for a logo and a site color theme... the logo should reflect a bold, simple, strong, and bachelor feel to it. the logo you have now does reflect it, but the font kind a kills it. i suggest you find another font. it's a great start. don't add any kind of symbol to it. keep it strictly a text formatted look to it. also keep it in the back of your head of all those men magazines and how they look and such. follow their format too. don't use those ps effects which for the most part can be overkill.

    the site colors are fine. it surely does reflect men and our simple minds. i say keep the gray and add one more color to it to spice things up. something like red or blue. then that is it. so it will be something like grays and red.

    i would also add some interesting images. whether it be a graphic header or images in general. in general, most men tend to get bored with some page that has tons of text. not saying yours have a ton. our patience also tend to drift a bit and need some kind of tease. especially since it is a man site. another reason for the images is because when you visit other portions of the site, they seem to be very similar to each other.

    hope that helped. good luck.

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    Thanks Chris - we are actually becoming accustomed to the grey color scheme ourselves and I agree, one more color thrown in (I'm thinking a blue) should just about do it.

    The logo has been an area of big debate, dating back to the first release of the site. I see your point, but I almost feel like the logo needs a bit more than just a font (perhaps an ape silhouette or some lines or shapes) - I don't necessarily feel the site is the same as your typical Men's Magazine. However your point is well taken and I will consider it...maybe you can convince me...any suggestions for a font?

    The various areas will definitely be brought out with graphical headers so you know where you are better. That will probably be the last update to the site - I've been caught up in content and haven't had the time to think that through yet.

    One last comment: I noticed you didn't register when you visited. I'm thinking of replacing the intro message on the home page with a registration message as there are quite a few things a registered member can do (and quite a few on the way). Thoughts?

    Thx - Dan

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    i can see how you want to have some sort of symbol along with the logo. i still don't think it is necessary for you to have. i wouldn't say it is along a line of a typical men's mag, but rather along the lines of design, organization, and feel that of a typical men's mag. adding blue to the gray can do that as well. something that many mags and online mags don't use (the color blue).

    for font suggestions... i don't have any specific fonts that come to mind. the fonts you do want are ones that have a straight edge feel to them. because of the design of the site and such. also maybe not as tall as the one you have now.

    i wouldn't go as far as replacing the intro message, but add it. like you said, there are other things that a registered member can benefit from than non-members. you might want to state this cause even i wasn't aware of this. i would put it on the right side of the site under the man room survey to even things out. well, at least in my opinion.

    i'm actually in the process of doing something similar to what you are doing. more with an emphasis on sexuality and erotic things and feelings. something that both sexes can understand and relate. as well as be entertaining. we'll see how it goes.

    i hope that what i have said helped. designing a logo may be difficult since you want it to represent the wite and you(group) as a whole as well. it's going to be a task, but at least a cretive one at that.

    good luck.

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    Cool site...but under professional forgot the CFL...the best damn league in sports!!!
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    It does seem rather... Plain...

    A site similar to this in concept (though for the older crowd) is I think it pulls it off better. Personally, a site needs to be attractive for me to go to it
    ::: Jeremy C. Wright :::

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    Chris -
    thanks for the advice. I'll go through my font library and see what I come up with. I also plan on taking a shot at adding some blue into the design when I add the real "graphics". Sky blue maybe...

    Whatever logo I decide upon will be put in a T-Shirt shortly thereafter, so it has to work and be readible in that sense too.

    When you have your site up, stop by TMR, register and post a link to it in our Forum, I'd love to check it out.

    Chaps -
    Thanks for registering!!! Check on over there, you'll see I've adjusted the Football Forum to include CFL. If you can get some serious posting going on in there (there are several Canadians on there believe it or not), I'll consider adding some relevant site content.

    I agree, it is plain and intentionally so. I was learning the programming for the database interaction etc. as I went so I deliberately designed the site as a "layout template". I just wanted to get things in the position I wanted them. After I get the Member Beer Reviews added in a few days (give it a try when it's up - it's pretty neat and simple), I can take a break from programming and get back to the interface (though I refuse to overdo it; I prefer function over form)

    - Dan

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