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    which redhat flavor to choose???

    we are just planning to colo our server, i like to get suggestions from you guys for which flavor of redhat is good .

    any other good linux stuff.


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    personally i would recommend FreeBSD unless you are keen on a control panel
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    Originally posted by MotleyFool
    personally i would recommend FreeBSD unless you are keen on a control panel
    Is CPanel on FreeBsd working stable yet?

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    yes but we have experince only in redhat linux. so we thought we will go the redhat instead. can you suggest which one should we go for standard.prfessinol.enterprise

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    Standard -- Professional and Enterprise are the expensive versions and come with a few more cds full of other packages but if you want to get started and have everything you will need just use the standard installation cds.

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    all you are paying for with those is a few nice books, the cardboard box, and support from redhat. I would just download the isos.

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    so i will be getting in professional and enterprise versions are extra free softwares and books is it. but the price diff between professinal and enterprise seems to be hugh definetly there must be some added value, or iam wrong
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    Well along with the nice box and glossy manual, you are also esentially buying support contracts. Now, I don't know specifically about the various product offerings of redhat - but esentially, that is the model that someone like redhat adopts; they take an open source product but provide "enterprise level" support along with it so that silly corporate types will buy the product.

    You don't need any of that. Just plain ol open source free beer standard distro is all you need.

    For example, I remember seeing some product offering at redhat a few months ago for their database server whatever. It was just RH linux packaged up with postgresql in the pretty box but also along with the enterprise level support.

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    7.3 standard!
    (you can download for free and burn on your own cheap empty discs)

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