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    Hosting Templates For Sale Take A Look.

    I'm selling hosting templates!
    Payment only via credit card. Free full customization, slicing, html, Template will be sold only ONCE!
    take a look:
    here's a second page if you want:
    Price: $90 for both pages

    Here's another template...doesn't have to be hosting
    Same rules go for this one as the one on top.
    Price: $90

    Another brand new template (edited the post and added this)
    Same rules,
    Price: $100

    If you want to see my complete collection of unique templates for sale then go here:

    If you are intrested in a custom design please visit to see my work.

    contact me via icq : 8682204 or email: [email protected]
    or pm or reply.

    Thank You.
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    Idan Arbel - Arbel Designs
    icq: 8682204

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    one thing i dont get is... why are there cell phone pics scattered around a webhost site?
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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    proly has to do with phone support am i right arbel ??

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    What i dont get is that you have been trying to sell the same templates for ages and you havent sold one, maybe people think you are pricing too high or something???
    As you know i was going to buy one from you but you dont accept paypal so you couldn't, maybe you should make your menthods of payment more flexible??

    I'm not having a go here, i really like your work and i don't understand why you havent sold the hosting ones, i just personally found it annoying that you will only accept one form of payment.

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    Thanks for your replies...not extacly buyers but nice anyway.
    As for the fist question...the photos of cell phones are there for a few reasons, 1st yes they can be used as a contact us kind of pic, 2nd cell phones in my opinion are a symbol for hi-tech and most hosting sites like that feel. Know that the images can be changed, into something else such as servers and such. But I like the cell phones.

    As for tazd9t9 I have infact sold more than half the templates I create, you might not notice it but if you compare the portfolio section and the for sale section you'll see that items that once where on the for sale arn't there any more, some designs arn't that good and people don't buy them as fast so you keep seeing them, but infact I get intrest in them from time to time.

    As for the paypal have no idea how much I would like to accept paypal, but I can't. I live in Israel and I can't withdraw money here using paypal. So its no good to me. I did get a 2chekcout account so I could accept almost all forms of credit cards which most people do have. As for other forms of payment if you know any others than paypal and cc and notchex which isn't good either please infrom me and I'll see what I can do, I do want your business.

    Last but not least...I have a new template for sale:
    same rules as for the first two. Price $100

    Idan Arbel - Arbel Designs
    icq: 8682204

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