I am looking to do some work in the hosting field, or really any computer related field. I am on the computer, usually during very late night hours on eastern time (12-5AM). As well as various hours throughout the day usually 12-6PM. If doing web hosting related work, I prefer to be paid by ticket/email or per week. I can promise during my shift, a 1 hour response time(if company has high demand). And even swifter responses if company has less of a demand.

Ensim - One year expirience as end user and administrator.
Cpanel - Three years expirience with Cpanel, as an end user. And 6 months expirience as administrator.
Linux(RHL & FreeBSD) - I can trouble shoot/repair minor/mild issues in a linux enviorment. I also have expirience with updating and installing patches on a server, as well as installing scripts such as bastille linux, php accelerator etc.
DNS - Several years expirience with DNS.
Email - Several years expirience with email configuration etc.
Scripting - Expirience with installing, configuring CGI scripts written in various languages.
HTML/Design - Several years expirience with HTML and web design.
FTP - Several years expirience with FTP.
Expirience with - PhpMyAdmin, IMAP4 , Apache, and more.
Bilingual - Fluent in Italian, strong in german. English prefered however.

I have various other skills, and can assist customers with their questions. I am well rounded overall with internet technology. I have used Perl Desk, as a staff member. I can provide live support, email support, ticket support etc. Remote position is desired, unless company is located in camden county, NJ or philadelphia area.

Please contact me for more.
Anthony Verrechio
[email protected]