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    441 and domains?

    Has anyone ever had a customer sign up for a hosting account that has registered their domain name at

    I had one the other day and well I found out that does not let you change the name servers for your domain.

    They say that dns servers are for advanced users only, and that dns server info is only used if you own your server.

    They let you edit the ip address for the name servers, but they don't let you enter the name, so you are stuck using, and so on.

    So this prevents users from using another hosting company.
    Do you think that is just another big company taking advantage of the uneducated?

    Anyone had this problem or have any opinions on this?

    Is it the same at I doubt it is, but it looks like that's who they use to register domains through, so that's why I ask.

    Well anyone have any opinions on this?
    Maybe I missed something but what I said above is what looked like the problem to me.
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    The IP address for the name servers, if it differs from that which provides as a default, should resolve to a different domain name (if any at all). Thus, it should still change the nameserver to whatever nameserver resolves to that IP address which you have entered. Mind you, this is a strictly speculative statement, since I have never registered a domain name with Angelfire and haven't used them for anything since 1997, when I was still putting multi-coloured blue and red backgrounds and animated gifs on my websites while using FONT SIZE="7".
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