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    Question Perl Desk Knowledgebase Error

    Hi everyone,

    I'm been scouring the net for a Perl Desk solution, and this forum seems to have quite a bit of discussion on the software.

    Does anyone using the Perl Desk software...and knowledgebase feature of it...notice that if you have more than 30 tickets, and do a Search All, or browse a particular category with more than 30 topics, it doesn't bring up the remaining results when you click "Next"? That is, it will only display the first 30 results, and then not display the others.

    Is this a disabled feature with the free version, or is this a common bug that someone can help me with? Any help or advice would be greatly apreciated.

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    I had a bug with that too, it's not just 30 topics, it displays an error message everytime I click "next", so I end up having to do "show 50 results per page" instead.
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