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    question about

    How are they able to charge so little? Is there a catch?

    When I used to

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    I highly doubt there is a catch. I've been with fastservers for awhile now and their service is terrific! They even offer toll-free tech support with techs that are super friendly! And they respond to trouble tickets and questions almost instantly!

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    I just got a box, and its been pretty good. The only problem was that they originally installed WHM/Cpanel (free license I guess). I might have liked that in other circumstances, but I don't plan on doing any webhosting on the box and I need the resources WHM uses, so I told them about the mixup and they did a plain RedHat 7.3 install.

    So far its been great, especially the speed! I was wget'ing an app when I thought to myself: "I remember the download being bigger than that..." It wasn't that the size of the file shrunk, it was that my box got it at 8.68 megabytes/second Great speed, especially for the price.

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    I Highly reccommend

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    Re: question about

    Originally posted by Al Nany
    How are they able to charge so little? Is there a catch?
    yeah... dunno. hope they have a viable business plan.

    I'll echo... so far so good. i plan on getting a 2nd server with them in the future if it comes to it.


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