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    Is reselling worth it?

    I am asking all you reseller host out there - is it worth it?
    You get like 2gb space and 20gb bandwidth. You cant blow it all on one customer, you need to get your money back each month....what can you offer?

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    Well I guess I'm an ex-reseller, but I know what I'm talking about on this front.

    You could pack a fair few accounts into that and charge say $10 a month... depends where you market really. You won't be paying much more than $35 for your reseller account I wouldn't say.

    Most hosts start out as resellers, then once you have enough clients you can normally afford to get a dedicated and then move on from there where your profit margin is going to be a lot higher.

    Reselling is generally where you should be starting if you want to get into the market without spending a lot on an initial investment. Its like a buffer zone until you get enough clients and gain enough experience to get a dedicated...

    However as its said over and over here, do yourself a favor and make a business plan, treat it like a proper business and not just a sideline and you'll be sucessful.

    Hope that helps.

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    Yep, have to agree with Jo. Its the best way to enter the market. You dont have to bother with maganging a server(s)...etc as your host will take care of this. A resellers package is also a good way to get to know the system (Linux, Windows) and the control panel, so eventually when you out grow your resellers account, you will be prepared for a dedicacted server(s). Its also far more cost effective then jumping straight onto a dedicated server.

    We have a few clients who have purchased multiple resellers accounts, as they dont want the bother of managing a server. So, I would say yes, its worth it.


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