Hard Disk Space:

Servers are on 100Mbps Ports

AveMbps GB/Mth Price
[COLOR=sea-green]0-0.25[/COLOR] 79.102 [COLOR=dark red]$30.00[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sea-green]0-0.50[/COLOR] 158.203 [COLOR=dark red]$60.00[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sea-green]0-0.75[/COLOR] 237.305 [COLOR=dark red]$90.00[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sea-green]0-1.00[/COLOR] 316.406 [COLOR=dark red]$120.00 ($30/0.25Mbps)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=sea-green]0-1.25[/COLOR] 395.508 [COLOR=dark red]$142.50[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sea-green]0-1.50[/COLOR] 474.609 [COLOR=dark red]$171.00[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sea-green]0-1.75[/COLOR] 553.711 [COLOR=dark red]$199.50
[/COLOR][COLOR=sea-green]0-2.00[/COLOR] 632.812 [COLOR=dark red]$228.00 ($28.50/0.25Mbps)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=sea-green]0-2.25[/COLOR] 711.914 [COLOR=dark red]$243.00[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sea-green]0-2.50[/COLOR] 1107.422 [COLOR=dark red]$270.00[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sea-green]0-3.75[/COLOR] 1186.523 [COLOR=dark red]$297.00[/COLOR]
[COLOR=sea-green]0-4.00[/COLOR] 1265.625 [COLOR=dark red]$324.00 ($27.00/0.25Mbps)[/COLOR]

Overage charged at $25 each 128Kbps (i.e. $25 for 39.551GB/Mth)
Scale up your bandwidth at anytime
Scale down one month notice to scale down

Bursts to 100Mbps Full Duplex
Source: Nexxia (Bell Canada), Cogent (Formerly Shared Technologies) & Group Telecom
99.9% SLA

Software Packs

Windows Reseller
Ensim Webppliance 3.0 Unlimited Domain License .NET Ready! (info)
MailMax E-mail Server (info)
MailMax Web Add-on (info)
Small Business Server 2000
-- MS SQL Server
-- MS Exchange
-- IIS 5
Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition

Linux Reseller
Unlimited Ensim WEBppliance Unlimited Domain License 3.1 (info)
Redhat Linux 7.2

IP Addresses:

1 to 10 included free with justification

Additional IP Addresses:
$10 Setup $0.50/IP/Mth With justification.


Data Centers:

Nexxia (Bell Canada's wholesale business arm) Managed Data Center:
151 Front Street, Toronto! Canada's most connected facility!
Feeds from most tier 1 providers run through this building.
Dual metro grid power & diesel back-up, 24/7 Security


NO SETUP!! & Month to Month Terms!

We don't charge a set-up fee. What we require is a one month deposit which can be applied to your last month from six months on.


To order:

email: [email protected]
call: 1-866-323-THEY ext 223