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    damn.. my host doesn't support ASP.NET

    Recently dived into an ASP.NET book "Asp.NET Unleashed"... i've been doing the lessons offline for a while now and when i finally uploaded something ... i found out my host doesn't support ASP.NET... i can run them offline, but they don't support it.. just old ASP.

    anyway.. I email them and they respond with "Admins are looking into it, can't say when or if it will be supported".

    don't they just need to update their IIS or something?


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    if they're running Win2K Server theres no reason why it wouldn't be supported. The framework takes a bit of configuring, and setting up security might be a little bit hard for a host, but since its all free, theres really no reason why they should need to worry about it i don't think.

    If they're running NT4 i'm pretty sure they can still do it, but i could be wrong about that..

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