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    Post Control Panel Software for smaller sites.

    I'll try to make this simple.

    I currently have a web site at a hosting service that uses cpanel4 and I absoluetly love it. I love all of the mudane administration tasks that it easily performs for the end user.

    I'm moving my site to a colocation box that I'm about to setup but I'm still wanting a great control panel for adding email accounts, aliases, subdomains and all the other great things that cpanel4 does. Problem is, I don't want to shell out $1400 for my own license from cpanel or $90 a month to some OTHER hosting company for just the use of cpanel. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like there should be a package for a couple hundred dollars or less that is JUST cpanel4. As I understand it, I'm in no need of WHM.

    I've looked at other products, such as the ones from Plesk and Ensim, and I've been viewing the forums to see if theres anything nearly as good as cpanel and it appears that theres not. I know I can't have the best of both worlds, but if there isn't a good price point for cpanel4 then is there a good alternative for smaller web sites that need a control panel?

    I know that this forum is for webhosting providers, not individual sites, but you guys seem to know whats best when it comes to control panels.

    Any comments are appreciated.


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    If you are looking to put a number of sites but have no resellers then Ensim is a low cost alternative.

    If you are looking to just have your one site...or a very few, then Webmin (free) may suffice, but requires some additional knowledge.

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    It is possible to have resellers with ensim 3.1!

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    If you want a easy to use, and good CP, look into SimpleCP. I'm running it currently on my RH servers, and it rocks. Still in beta last time I checked, but the final is coming fairly soon.
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    H Sphere is the way to go. Buy a 50 pack of licenses for $4.50 each and pay psoft the $95 setup fee. All that you have to pay for is maintenence after that, which is 20% of what you spent for the licenses once per year.
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    I think there is a free version of Plesk that allows only one domain. If you are running only 1 site, it might be a good choice.

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