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    Exclamation Need someone to secure/maintain/manage my server

    I have a my own dedicated server with centOS. There are few personal sites all using Joomla CMS.

    I need someone who can secure and maintain my server. Identify security vulnerabilities and fix it.

    I already have a basic security in place (modEvasive, APF, SIM, BFD, etc...) but this recent week, some hacker has been hacking it everyday. I have identified mostly all the files that was compromised.

    I'm a very technical but I just don't have time to deal with this myself. So I need someone who knows what he's doing. He should know how my server got compromised and suggest fix for it.

    Please email me at roceller_at_gmail_dot_com with monthly rate.


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    Hi, we are a server management company and we can secure/manage your server.

    I have sent you a mail with details.

    Kindly check

    Server Management & Web Security.

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    We do provide this service & We can do this for you.

    Please check our services at: ( for Full details & prices)


    -It's our hobby,study and it's our work too. all of our team members have a BS in CS+1 IT certificate at least.

    -We use our OWN custom apps & scripts to secure & administer our customer's servers.

    -We have enough knowledge to resolve any problem related to servers & security.

    - If we cant or unable to fix your server's issue, we will REFUND the money to you.

    If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us at: [email protected] or MSN: [email protected]


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    "Work with the best Outsourced Support Company Bobcares"

    In Short about bobcares

    7 years | 296 employees| Supporting 3.5 million websites provides Quality Outsourced Technical Support to Hosting
    companies and Datacenters around the world. At Bobcares, your customers get
    24 hour Support from staff comprised of qualified and experienced Engineers. You save money, time and a lot of effort which can be profitably utilized to market your core services.

    We can help you with your Server management.For more details please check

    We are expert ( ref: ) in Linux and
    Windows OS , with control panels like Cpanel,Plesk, Hsphere,Ensim,Directadmin, Helm,WebMin etc. We have 300 engineers working
    round the clock (24/7/365) to help our customers with Software development and Technical support.

    If an Indian Company is ok then drop in an email to [email protected] or
    Contact us through the link
    Blessen Cherian
    Follow me on
    Over a decade plus in the Hosting Industry

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    Hello Roceller,

    Please check PM for details.


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    Hi, I can do this job,Please let me know your MSN / yahoo IM /AIM

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