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Thread: server setup

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    server setup


    i have a server with centos 4 installed with server cp. Can access server but only via ip and cannot get dns to resolve.

    i basically want the server working with security properly setup and hardened

    pm me with info

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    I can do it. Please contact me via msn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chennaihomie View Post
    I can do it. Please contact me via msn.
    pls send me cost and what you would do to shekinah @
    Thank you

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    We do provide this service & We can do this for you.

    Please check our services at: ( for Full details & prices)


    -It's our hobby,study and it's our work too. all of our team members have a BS in CS+1 IT certificate at least.

    -We use our OWN custom apps & scripts to secure & administer our customer's servers.

    -We have enough knowledge to resolve any problem related to servers & security.

    - If we cant or unable to fix your server's issue, we will REFUND the money to you.

    If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us at: or MSN:

    Server Management - Attacker.NET
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    Certified Information Security Professionals.

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    I can get this done for $65. Feel free to send an email to

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    We can get this done for you. Contact us at
    Blessen Cherian
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    Over a decade plus in the Hosting Industry

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    We can get this done for you cheaply. Please contact us via AIM or email us.
    Server Management, Server Security, Server Monitoring.
    India's Leading Managed Service Provider !! Skype: techs24x7

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    Dear Johannes,

    We can do this task for you. We are experts in server security process. Please send a mail to
    Sam - Specialist in Windows/Linux Server Management - Custom Software Development
    Email: exec @ | Skype: exec_activelobby

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    Hi, Is this still open, if so iam interested...

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    We can get this job done for you based on your requirement.

    Please check your PM for details.

    Thank you.


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    We can definitely help you out.... Do contact us at

    Aim: supportmatrix247
    Yahoo: supprtmatrix

    We are ready to help you 24X7 .

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    i still haven't done this work as i lost all e-mail people send me. My server is situated with under the domain I need this done

    1)Server hardened and secured
    2)i can seem to get the dns to resolve. RDNS is set on and Main domain is
    3)i installed ServerCp installed and it is working but the domain dns is still a problem

    i had 2 e-mail from people prepare to do it for $50 but have lost them.

    i also have a vps with cpanel installed and working. Do i need to harden and secure the vps as well. All is working on the vps

    Then i have one concern
    i received a PM from someone telling me they will do this for nothing. i though that was nice but was hesitant when they asked for my password. How do i really know what that person is going to do? I haven't heard from this person again.

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    We can do this for you.Also you can visit out site and go through the testimonials as it is necessary to for you to have faith in someone otherwise thing wont work, as in any case any one who will work in your server needs to have the login details .You can contact us at the following id:

    yahoo: hostechs
    Aol: htsupport

    Awaiting your response....

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    We can help you fix this issue at the earliest possible time, at an affordable rate. Please contact our sales team at Besides, you can even chat with our representatives on the Live Help section at . We can even set up a chat on the following messengers.

    AIM: salesolg


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    I can do this for $30/server. Please drop a mail to remotesupp[at]

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    i have appointed somebody to do this work.
    Thank you for all the reply

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    No problem Dude, Let me know for any further assistance in future.

    Will give you my support helpdesk url soon.

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