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    Post the ideal dedicated server ... realistically

    what would you guys consider the ideal dedicated server plan... (while still being totally realistic...)... ???

    because i am looking to build a totally new service... (which i mentioned in a previous post, and still having a hella hard time figuring out what kind of bandwidth/IPs to include in the offer...

    the bandwidth itself is exodus/internap/worldcom (and only those 3, not sneaking in any c*gent bullsh*t/etc)... so there is definate quality to it...

    ideally to cover all costs/etc, it'd be priced around $249/month ... so what would you guys expect for a service priced at that... imagine in your heads that its level3 or verio bandwidth or some other mid-range provider ... (but i don't like those two specifically because they've saturated the hosting market as of late, first it was cogent because of their pricing, then level3 and verio because of the guys that jumped ship from cogent due to network slowness)...

    fyi: don't take the b/w limits/pricing from the other post into consideration... because i've struck a new deal with the providers which gives me much better pricing... and the servers themselves will be housed directly within an exodus datacenter... not some wannabe place... lol

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    perhaps you should ask this question in "running a web hosting biz" forum as some members here seem to be upset when we don't speak about their competitors filling for chapter 11 ;o)
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    Realistic dedicated server i'd want.....

    Dual 1.2ghz Athlon MP's (like $50 each)
    Tyan thunder k7 ($200)
    2GB ram
    38GB SCSI


    Very cheap to put together and trhe dual MP's w/ the thunder k7 REALLY KICK ASS! Plus, the 1.2ghz MP's are very cheap... like $65 @ newegg, but you could prob get em cheaper if you bought them in large quantities or from ebay.

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    something like Dual 1/1.2Ghz Athlons
    1.5GB of ram
    40gb SCSI
    20 IP addresses
    150gb bandwidth with cheap overage prices...

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