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    Angry Discusion Needed!!! Important & Urgent

    Ok everybody in this board! I'm New in this forum this is my frist Message but I had been here for a very long time read up all the usefull tips...etc from all over share by the expert and some experince PPL..! anyway I just wish to open an issue to disc this 2 company here may I?
    1) Hosting Company
    a)Name : MICD hosting link

    From the look this company is ok and I had been with them since almost a yrs till now but currently they seem to be had some problem that they did not want to reply to us! and suddenly shut down some or my and my client domain @! that this is not real nice I been try to email them or uisng this trouble ticket! till now not respond or my domain is still down!!!! DID ANYONE AT HERE HAD ANY INFO HOW IS THE STATUS OF THIS COMPANY PLEASE let me know bad or good will be welcome!

    b)I know donhost is having a very bad reputation in this forum but may I know how is this serer also from UK are there related?

    2)Domain reseller company
    a) I been experince some problem with this company!

    frist problem they charge me for the tranfer of domain but they fail and never reply to me about the refund matter till now over 1 yrs
    second I try to tranfer my domain which register in the registrar can't ben tranfer out to my new registerar company I email then or even using thier ticker system till now over 1 yrs now reply at all!

    Did anyone had the problem as I do? if yes please repond again bad or good in this will be welcome!

    b)just wanna to know how is this company? bad or good about them will be welcome!

    lastly thanks in advance for those who try to reply me some info!!!

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    Not having any experience or knowledge of the companies you are dealing, I can only suggest you start looking for a new Hoster. It appears you are getting bad service from them and no way to correct it with them.

    There does not seem to be a Domain Name of "" registered within any Whois databases? So maybe "" is not giving you problems because as far as they are concerned, "" is still available.

    Now I'm only presuming that is your Domain Name as that is what's listed for your homepage URL. - for all your Hosting needs
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    sorry I type my domain name wrongly! its and this domain does not host with registerfly my other domain is anyway I just get some advice from bro in this forum!~ how to solve my domain problem with registerfly domain locking ! anyway tq!!!

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    and aslo tks for the remind !ROB!!! I will keep in mind! and this is the domain that I host with this stupio Hosted (micdhosting)! till now still not reply and I had been wrinting to them whole week everyday till now!

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    Your welcome for the help, not sure how much I provided though.

    You are correct that "KEEPTRACE.COM" is showing as a Registered Domain Name, just not being hosted. The Registrant shows as " 2MYHOST DOT COM" so if that is not you, you may have problems moving it to another hoster. This is because the Registrant "owns" the Domain Name.

    All the best. - for all your Hosting needs
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    2myhost is my other domian name that I use for my hosting biz! and this domain is lock by registerfly but I just solve it the registerfly just unlock it!!!


    I got stuck and ban in very bad reputation coz of my hoster MICD hosting! just suddenly shut not only me but some other allies I know too without giving any notice and not reply at all the last email from them are say the move the server ask we to let them know when we done the back up so then we had been waiting till now over 2 weeks the site is still down!!! that why I warn the other bro here not to go for coz they are real suck and! worst hoster Ieven went into!!!

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    im too not satisfied with registerfly, just sent them a support ticket to unlock my domains... with intention to transfer them elsewhere.

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    MICDHosting is no longer in business, or maybe I should say no longer in legitimate business!!!!

    They were supposedly acquired by and some of their accounts were supposedly picked up by a new company called Hostingcp, but not mine nor many others. Our website accounts were unrecoverable and no longer supported. Hostingcp will give us 50% off new accounts, but can't recover our websites. That's up to us to do ourselves. Support requests to MICDhosting and Hostingaccountservice were replied to by Hostingcp at first, but now there's no reply.

    If you were on one of the following servers then you're out-of-luck:

    The domain registration info was changed recently removing the owners name and contact information and replaced with fraudulant information.

    I started with MICD about a year ago and it seemed pretty good. Not immediate support, but within 24 hours. At that time I believe they were with Donhost. A few months ago (around December I think) they moved the servers and there was a brief down time and some changes with CGI support. At about that time I also started seeing the name Hostingaccountservice (HAS) show up on email replies and then even a hostingaccountservice website. MICDhosting and Hostingaccountservice domain were registered to the same person, Michael Donavon.

    The websites for all three hosting companies are essentially the same and none have been updated since June or July. They still have a special listed that expired 31 July 2002.
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