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    Question To ban Cyber**** or to ban Cyber****?


    Why not to stop posting threads about Cyber***s?
    Why not to ban this name on this forum?

    What are you looking for? Money? Satisfaction? $5 refund?

    I am getting sick when i hit "View New Posts" and see C* in the topic name:
    a) C* blablabla
    b) Oh! C* .... Oh!
    c) C* ah!
    d) uh ... C*

    /dev/null/ CW
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    1) Lots of people are out more than $5.

    2) When you create threads complaining about other threads that you don't want to see, YOU become the annoyance. Not Cyberwings.

    3) Cyberwings hasn't done anything on this forum to be banned for.

    4) If you don't want to read the @*#king things, DON'T!
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