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    Question Ensim versus CPanel

    I personally have only used plesk and ensim as my control panel software, but I keep hearing of this thing called CPanel and it seems to get quite a lot of good reveiws.

    Is it completely superior to ensim or plesk, or does it stand on equal ground? Or are they all somewhat similar?

    Also I hear about WHM, what is that? - Friendly hosting for friendly people.

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    never used plesk or ensim. but i like CPanel. it looks better and apparently has more functionality. WHM is Web Host Manager. CPanel is what clients see, WHM is how you manage client accounts.

    CPanel is skinnable which i like and the standard skins are pretty nice. it comes with loads of extras like stats, auto-install scripts etc.

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    I've used both . Ensim for me does not compare to Cpanel . No contest . I too love the features & skin-ability of the Cpanel.

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    ensim 3.1 is skinnable

    as of 3.1 ensim webppliance is skinnable.
    they will send you the docs on how to make your own skins on request also.

    hope this helps
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    I will check out cpanel shortly and then I can post some feedback. I have used ensim and plesk so far.

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    For me, a big reason to prefer Cpanel is the MailMan mailing list capability with web archives, digests, etc.

    Ensim's Majordomo comes in second, primarily because there is no built-in web interface, although you can install one if you have root access.

    Plesk lags badly in this respect. I'm shocked they don't integrate a better solution in their software.

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    I've used Plesk and cPanel. cPanel and WHM are far superior to Plesk. Tons more options, including the mailman email list integrated. Plus every time I've used Plesk, there has been nagging annoyances with trying to run perl scripts, etc. cPanel is great!

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    I use both Cpanel and Ensim. I perfer Cpanel for several reasons.

    Easier to use for the customer. Ensim lacks a truely intuitive layout.

    Reseller features: Easier to set up resellers in Cpanel.

    Account creation: Cpanel gives you the results from it's account creation script which are really easy to cut and paste into a confirmation e-mail for the customer.

    More features, more control: Cpanel gives you more control over server and account functions.

    A few things I don't like about Cpanel: Clumsy sub-user access to accounts and the price. Cpanel will run you , retail, $99 per month although there are people on this forum who will get it to you cheaper... it's still a recurring expense.

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    I have used all major control panels (CPanel, Ensim, Plesk and H-Sphere).

    H-Sphere is the most feature rich control panel. But it is very complicated and people need some time to learn it (specially admins and resellers).

    After H-Sphere CPanel has more features. Very easy to learn and manage. Customers love it. Though I think CPanel servers are not the most stable servers I myself like it very much (I have about 12 websites myself so I am a user in addition to a web host). Generally there is enough reasons that force people to pay $60-$90 per month to have it. It attracts more customers and resellers.

    Plesk is very good too. It's easy but has less features than others. It is not very cheap too. Somthing else, though I like it technically it is the most ugly control panel I have erver seen
    It does not have some important features and seems developers do not pay attention to what people want. As a developper and webmster I need SSH, Cron Jobs, easier subdomains, skins and some additional cosmetics.

    Ensim is my second preference after CPanel. I have had my highest uptimes and most stable services on Ensim. As a result I put my important customers which do not need much features but stability and uptime is important for them.

    Ensim is a control panel for professionals.(You must do most of the job manually and you have a virtual full unix file structure for yourself. Though intermediate people can find their way easily, create their mail accounts etc.

    I love ensim for the fact that webmaster has the feeling of a dedicaed server.


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