I am a PHP/MySQL programmer with unix based server administration experience looking for work.

I have approximately 4 years of web design experience and 3 years experience with PHP / MySQL. I also have approximately 3 years experience administering unix based web servers. I have worked with the following server applications & OS's.

Linux RedHat 6 - 7.3
FreeBSD 4.1 - 4.3

Apache 1.3.12 to 1.3.24
PHP 3.0.x to 4.2
ProFTPD 1.2.5
MySQL to 3.23.49
Bind 9.0
Webmin 0.90 to 0.96
Mrtg 2.9.18
phpBB 2.0.1
vBulletin 2.2.6
Midgard Content Manager 1.4.1
Horde 2.0

I can design large applications such as online stores, discussion groups, homepage communities, personnel management systems, etc. I will admit that I am not a graphics designer but I work closely with some outstanding 3d artists and multimedia specialists.

If you are needing a site to handle 10 visitors a day or 10,000,000 then please contact me. I can build your project from the ground up including the servers.

If you are interested please PM me.