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    The new site is up and running on its new server

    I would like comments please

    ( creator - David Ross)
    ( web dev - JonnyL)


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    Nice layout but for me, there is a problem. I had to scroll down to see all the menu you offer. And probably, if I didn't intend to comment your site, I wouldn't even bother scrolling down the menu. Perhaps, you should try to put all the menu within common screen resolution.(height 600 or 750), I think.
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    Looks cool hehe

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    I like it.
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    Anything that could be improved?
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    Thumbs up

    Very nice and clean. Two thumbs up
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    I like it, it looks professional. The only problem I have is that it's too "busy" up on top. This is obviously a content driven site and the eyes should immediately be drawn towards the center.
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    Very nice. It may be just me, but I noticed a glitch in the top right graphic (the hexus logo) It looks like it was uploaded badly, or not fully.

    The problem I have with the site (and almost all Nuke type PHP driven sites for that matter), is the navigation. To find anything specific you have to scroll all over the front page looking for something. Maybe that's just a personal opinion.

    Greg Moore
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    I like the layout. Its Clear-Cut
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    Very nice layout!

    However, at 70kb your source code is too bloated!
    Use stylesheets instead of the millions of <font> tags ("<span class="foo">text</span>" instead of "<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1" color="#FFFFFF">text</font>).
    Also drop at least half (10) of the news items, put a "older news..." link to an archive.

    The dropdowns don't seem to work in Netscape 4.7.. the items are displayed as plain text instead of in the dropdown menu, forcing the viewer to scroll down a couple of screens to see the news items. Of course you don't need 100% compatiblity to NS4.7, but you try to fix that.

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    Well, thanks chaps for all your comments and tips, just a quick reply to Gregs comments, this site is totally hand made, not using Nuke or Back-End, but i can see your point about navigation.

    this is why i added the drop down menus at the top.

    as for Netscape 4.7, i say BAH! LOL!

    i will look into the problems with NS4.7, but it always means comprimising a design just to satisfy a ****e browser :] (my opinion)

    thanks again all

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