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    Will colocation prevent downtime?

    Hello. I have several sites hosted with neureal, and they have just had a Denial of Service attack and my sites have been down for 24 hours, possibly for another 24 hours which costs me over $1000.

    Am now looking for a new host, but wanted to ask if co-location would prevent these sorts of problems? What do you have to look for to make sure the site doesn't go down?


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    Colocation will not prevent downtime due to DOS attack. Usually DOS attack will affect a lot if not all servers in the data center. What makes a difference, though, is how good the network engineer in the datacenter to detect, block and/or prevent such attack.
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    how to select a host with a good network engineer

    Thanks. So, how do you select such a host? What do you think you need to look for?

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    24 hours downtime due to a DoS (not DOS) attack wouldn't be a reason I would swap hosts. There are no full proof options... The safest option would be to have a backup in a different datacenter I guess. I don't know much about doing something like that but I bet it would cost more to do that than to just suck up the down time your having.
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    find any big hosting provider
    that does not host any irc related programs

    I haven't had a DoS in over 3 years..

    and I have thousands of clients..

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