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Thread: BLOWOUT Sale!

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    BLOWOUT Sale!

    Ladies, and Gentlemen of WebHosting Talk . . .

    This week's specials at WiseOnline include the following dedicated servers with CPanel4/WebHost Manager installed, and configured upon your request, and ready to go instantly!

    These specials include all upfront costs, and will not require any additional fees unless additional services are requested. All servers are on a discounted rate due to our new shipment, and to show some potential clients that WiseOnline is willing to do what they have to do with their NEW, and IMPROVED Technical Support Team.

    Package: i950

    Processor: AMD Duron 950Mhz

    Memory: 256

    Hard Drive: 20GB

    Software: CPanel4/WebHost Manager

    Bandwidth: 100GB

    IP Addresses: 25

    Support Features:

    24/7 - Telephone Technical Support
    Dedicated On-Site Technician
    Dedicated Toll-Free Paging Access
    24/7 Instant E-Mail Support

    Monthly Cost: $175.00
    Setup Fee $1


    Package: i1100

    Processor: AMD 1.1GHz Duron

    Memory: 512

    Hard Drive: 40GB

    Software: CPanel4/WebHost Manager

    Bandwidth: 200GB

    IP Addresses: 45

    Support Features:

    24/7 - Telephone Technical Support
    Dedicated On-Site Technician
    Dedicated Toll-Free Paging Access
    24/7 Instant E-Mail Support

    Monthly Cost: $200.00
    Setup Fee $1

    Additional Services:

    Additional GB of Bandwidth @ $1/GB
    Additional 256MB RAM @ $10/month w/ $10 Setup Fee
    Additional 512 RAM @ $15/month w/ $10 Setup Fee
    Additional 20GB Hard Drive @ $15/month w/ $10 Setup Fee
    Additional 40GB Hard Drive @ $25/month w/ $10 Setup Fee

    All systems are setup instantly with our custom partition that fits CPanel4/WebHost Manger requirements, or you may request a partition. Any questions please feel free to PM.


    WiseOnline Networks Overview

    Our network strategy consists of a combination of transit service and circuits with peering relationships. Clearly, we have gone beyond most of our competitors, who have no NAP presence, and few of which own and maintain their own network and instead co-locate on other provider's network altogether.

    We currently maintain over 200Mb of aggregate bandwidth on 4 transit circuits from UUNet Technologies, Sprint Communications, Global Crossing, and AT&T WorldNet. All of these connections are full 45 Mb DS-3 circuits. Additionally, we maintain peering to the AADS NAP in Chicago, where we peer with 46 network providers.

    It is important to consider your service provider's network strategy, as it is an indication of their commitment to Quality of Service. Clearly, service providers who choose an inferior provider of bandwidth services will likewise provide sub-standard performance when it comes to speed and uptime of their service.

    Some of our competitors, especially on WebHosting Talk Resell/Collocate. In this matter, WiseOnline Networks originally a local ISP with clients in the Central New Jersey area wishes to expand it's cliental by providing outrageous price cuts on services that Resellers are unable to achieve.

    Our 100% Switched Network with Cisco Routers and Switches
    Our network is powered by Cisco Systems. We utilize only Cisco layer 3 switches and routers for our network equipment. Our network is 100% switched, while many of our competitors continue to utilize hubs for their services. While hubs are certainly a cheaper alternative, it is the customer that pays the price of the reduced cost through a lower quality of service.

    Ultra High Redundancy through HSRP and Diverse Power
    We employ Cisco 6509 catalyst switches on our network. Furthermore, all of our Cisco 6509 switches use two supervisors cards for redundancy. With failover protection, again, we pay a premium for quality of service. Our Cisco 12012 GSR router is the most robust and costly router Cisco Systems makes. Our Cisco 12012 GSR has redundancy right down to the four diverse power supplies. And in the unbelievable chance our 12012 fails, we have two Cisco 7206 VXR routers setup. These routers utilize HSRP (Hot-Standby Reserve Protocol), so that if our main router does fail, our two 7206 VXR routers will carry the network routing automatically.

    Our network equipment is based on three principles: redundancy, redundancy, and redundancy. Where our competitors fail to even own the equipment they utilize, we have made key investments in our infrastructure and network equipment. This ensures that we can live up to our uptime guarantees. This is the reason our business has been successful in New Jersey, and is willing to compete over the Internet with other providers.

    If you're in the Perth Amboy, NJ area please feel free to set an appointment to take a tour of our Data Center.
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