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    Thumbs up Website fees & Best Practices

    Since I've read the threads on "How much do you charge", I ve come to realize that how much I charge is not as relevant as how much I collect.

    I've been charging a basic fee for an original websites design (usually $2500) based on $90/hr, and increases at $90/hr for additional artwork and $120/hr for ASP, Javascript, and Database programming. I usually make a non-binding estimate, and collect 1/3 to start, 1/3 on demo of the rough site, and 1/3 at final publishing. I usually keep the client updated according to a pre-agreed schedule, and I always notify them and get agreement before starting work that would boost their expenses (like added artwork or programming).

    I usually finish my work on time or ahead of schedule, but I have had lots of problems with the customer not being ready at different phases, or possibly not being ready with promised artwork or photos, so many of my projects stretch out to twice or even three times the estimated time frame. This reduces my cash flow and I find myself scrambling to fill dead time that I had allocated to these projects.

    If anyone has developed strategies for overcoming these problems (or any other problem, for that matter), I'd like to hear them. I'd also be interested in hearing about unresolvd problems that crop up in the website business, and maybe forum members can contribute solutions.

    Live long and prosper,

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