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    * please check out my husband's BALLISTICS site!

    click here right now this is a "free" site. do you think in about a year people might be willing to pay for the use of this site? how much would you be willing to pay?

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    what are tehy paying for?

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    Nothing, i'll just boycott.. done!

    It's just i hate 'shooting sportsmen' aka i like to kill harmless animals for fun cause humans always have been picking on me.

    Ow.. i killed a rabbit, impressive! Now iam tha man!

    Guns for show, knives for a pro.
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    actually he just target shoots. the animals are just for the "sportsman" look, being that most people interested in this site would be hunters. i personally am against hunting for the "sport" of it, however, if you are hunting for "food", well... you know! this is a program that compares the flight of a bullet against another.
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    okay misunderstood that, it's just i hate the for fun hunters.

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    Originally posted by ic3d
    Ow.. i killed a rabbit, impressive! Now iam tha man!
    <:<: [Fruit eating linux administrator]

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    I don't think anyone would be willing to pay for any site a year from now, although that's the current buzz. C'mon-- it's the internet, where freebies are king! (Well, sorta... ) If you try to go paid with your site, there will always be somebody else giving away the information you have for free!

    Why not ask for donations or something? If you develop a dedicated audience, they might be willing to donate.

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    Re: please check out my husband's BALLISTICS site!

    Originally posted by vgilchrist
    click here right now this is a "free" site. do you think in about a year people might be willing to pay for the use of this site? how much would you be willing to pay?
    Great site... chock full of fun and usefull data...

    Quite a specility site...

    My only suggestion would be when looking at a specific load correlate the UpperLeft photo to the rifle used instead of being random....

    Although... most people who would find this data usefull to begin with would know the difference btwn a Robar 90 and a Savage 99EG
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    Hi. People will pay for information. I don't know much about "reloaders". Do they consistently vary their loads or do they find a favorite and stick with it? If change is constant, I think they'll be more willing to pay for information that leads them down the correct path. Of course, you'll need to continually update the information.

    Would it be a monthly subscription? Or pay for each load? If the former, what's to keep them from subscribing for a month, downloading all the information and then unsubscribing?

    As for the site itself...I believe it's too copy intensive on the front page. I think a link to a "guided tour" that walked you through the site's features using a single ballistic load as an example would be better.

    For example:

    SLIDE 1) To begin using (catchy name), select “Open Load” from the menu bar. This will display (catchy name's) comprehensive list of loads. Registered users can even add and maintain their own loads!

    SLIDE 2) Each load displays rifle manufacturer and model, cartridge, bullet manufacturer and model, bullet weight, ballistics coefficient, powder type and powder weight.

    SLIDE 3) The load table can be sorted on any column, and the loads returned can be optionally limited to your loads or those of other user’s.

    SLIDE 4) Clicking the open link to the left of any load will open the details page for editing and ballistics calculations, and comparison.

    SLIDE 5) Return to the Open Loads page and choose the loads you would like to compare.

    SLIDE 5B) Each time a new load is opened, its data will be added to the graphs along with the previously opened loads data.

    SLIDE 5C) At any time, the graphs can be cleared to begin a new comparison.

    SLIDE6) One of (catchy name's) most powerful features is the flexibility with which calculated data can be displayed.

    SLIDE 6B) A bullet can be tracked to any distance, and the data can be viewed at any intervals across that distance.

    SLIDE 6C) Taking this to extremes, a bullets path of flight can be displayed in chart or graph form, with data points at every yard from the muzzle until the bullet reaches its target or drops enough to strike the ground.

    SLIDE 7) The target can be at any angle above or below the shooter, which is especially useful when hunting in mountainous terrain.

    SLIDE 7B) The target kill zone can be of any size, and the target can be moving at any given speed
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