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    shopping carts

    Just wondering if anyone has used Mal's ECommerce free shopping cart. Looks pretty cool & easy to set up. Comments anyone?

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    It looks pretty legit, but you can never eb too sure .

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    It's legit, but not terribly secure.

    I think it sends the orders using a querystring - i.e. add.asp?price=XXX, which means anyon can change the prices

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    It is a good service, it does send stuff by query string but it also has a security feature you can turn on to verify the string it gets is the one it is supposed to. Slows down the process tho, unless you are delivering instant content that should not be a worry because you will see how much you have been paid anyway before shipping the product.

    If ti fits your needs you can't get a better deal I have used it for years and have small clients that use it, never had a problem one.

    Do go for the paid version tho only $18.00 every 3 months.

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