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    Question do you like my site?

    click here what do you think of the name "TRAILWINDERS"? should i change the name? please list your ideas. thanks
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    bad link...

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    Well I like the name, it fits the bussiness. I cant really think of anything I would change about the site, its simple and easy to navigate. I would however put the subcategories in 1 page, instead of having to go into a sub category only to find more.. seeing as you dont have many items. Id also make the shopping cart more obvious.

    Overall nice work.

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    For the most part, I really like your design. The name is cool, the site is easy on the eyes, and your layout is really clean. Good job!

    As agentsmith suggested though, you may want to consider switching up your navigation a little. Though I didn't particularly mind hitting the "back" button repeatedly, some of your potential shoppers may.

    Good work! I wish you luck!

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