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    Question Dotster Sell email to spammers?

    I signed up with dotster's reseller program and registered my first two domain names for a customer.

    When I did this I used a TEMP email address with account until I turned the info to the customer.

    After the name are registered I would change the email to the customer's email address.

    Well this temp email I used (ex: [email protected]) I started getting spam sent to it a few days later.

    The only place that has/had this unique email was Dotster, nobody else, it was made up just to register the domain names.

    Weird thing is Dotster had a box that gave you a choice to opt out, and we did when we registered the account.

    I wrote their customer support and got this lame response.

    Response (Long-Hai) - 08/05/2002 03:54 PM
    It appears that these two domains were registered on the 1st of August and are the only two domains under this account. The SPAM you have been receiving is from a domain that currently is registered at Tucows, not They are whom you should be contacting regarding this matter. We highly look down upon account abuse and will not tolerate it from our customers.
    Like daaaah, where do you think they got it?
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    What they said....

    Once you registered it with that email, the information was available to the world. And, the world does spam. So, your accusation against Dotster is completely unfounded and you owe them an apology.

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    This happens with all registrars and it's not them. The effing spammers go through the whois info and since it's public info, they're able to grab your emails address from there. It's happened to everybody that I now of. It is especially noticeable when an email address is especially created for the express purpose of registering a domain name.

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    You two are correct and I do apologize to Dotster in regard to this. I'm a idiot. Hey we are all entitled to a nmistake once right ?

    Could a mod please close this, I'm off to a corner to hide and send Dotster a apology as well.
    L. James Prevo - President/Owner
    Prevo Network, LLC -
    Est. 1999 - Month to Month Billing!!

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