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    Review this Design for me:

    I really like the flow of this design. It may be a bit crowded, but it has alot of content to be displayed.

    Please post a mock bid for the site. I might be looking into selling this whole network, and I would like to hear mock bids to give me an idea of pricing.

    You can go ahead and PM me with the bid. Post opinions here, and pm the bid.

    Thanks guys!

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    The site is laid out well, the only only problem is that the letters are hard to read since the yellow and orange (which is cool BTW ) are such a strong contrast next to the dark background that the text hides itslef. It would be easy to navigate, but the colors are playing tricks on my eyes. I would say put the font size up one higher, but the font looks cool that size, and bolding it doesn't matter if the font is set to size"1". It makes it tough to navigate even tho the layout is solid, because the text is hard to read.

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    Its a good layout, except the orange borders really make the whole thing very harsh to the eyes.

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    So if someone with perfect eyes see's it, they will fall in love with it?

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    Don't like the double borders, and don't think the thick borders help any. Thin borders make sites look more elegant and sleek. Check out to see what I mean.

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    I don't agree with conformity.

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    I like the layout, but it needs someone else its not quite that eye catching

    But i like the design very nice

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    I agree mark, but should a gaming site that supplies news worry about that?

    Just a thought, but I would think the design needs to be organized, and simple, but yet still have that attitude.

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    The design is nice just I've seen that idea of design on many gaming sites now. You know the 2 navigations on the left, right and the content in the middle.

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    Yes, the design is conventional, but it is usually what works the best for gaming websites. I like the header graphic on the top, the colors are balanced...and it doesn't seem like the orange is over done. The content also flows nicely throughout the design.

    Good job!

    Kind regards,
    InterNich LLC

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    Any mock bids?

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    Also as someone mentioned before the double border doesn't seem nice. Just reduce it to single it will look much better.

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    That means I have to pick a color, and the contrast of yellow and orange is what is unique about the site.

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