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    Free Web Hosts

    I am starting a VBulliten and i need a hosting. Is there a good free hosting anyone knows of? If so, please help me!

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    uhm, if you payed for vBulletin why couldn't you pay for hosting?

  3. #3 just is there a free hosting? I need one. I got the VB files a while ago, but i never actually began doing it. And now I got rid of my Credit Cards. Just, is there a free web hosting?

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    *smells a ripped version of vB*
    Your not going to be happy with any free hosting if you have a vBulletin. most would probably kick you off.. forums don't tend to go well on free hosts, and the performance is atrocious.

    however... offers php (and i think mySQL)
    f2s offers php... used to (not sure if they still do) offer free mySQL databases.

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    Well you could always check
    and then there is always the special offers forum here.
    You can find dirt cheap or free there too. - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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