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    Question Question about Raq 3 load average

    Before I start, let me just say that I am not a techy. So if it appears that I am somewhat technically challenged it is because I am.

    Here is one of the messages that I recently got.

    Over the past fifteen minutes, the CPU has been heavily loaded.

    This will result in noticible performace loss. Consider moving some of the services to other Cobalt servers, or reduce the complexity of the CGI scripts running on the Cobalt server itself.

    1 minute load average: 48.80
    5 minute load average: 89.06
    15 minute load average: 117.98
    My raq3 currently has 256mb or ram. Would upgrading the memory to 512mb help correct this problem for a quick fix? I am waiting to get my hands on a raq 550, but it is not yet availiable by my web hosting company (4webspace).

    What should I do? Remember, you are dealing with a technical idiot.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It would have to be seriously thrashing (swapping pages from memory to disk and back) for loads like that. Memory would definitely help but my gut says you'll need more than that.

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    Thanks for the reply labgeek.

    Anyone else care to comment.

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    Before giving up your money, you really need to know what is actually causing the bottleneck on your server. Ultimately, throwing hardware at a problem can make it go away, but it might all be caused by a CGI script that you can do without or replace.

    Do you know how to TELNET/SSH into your server?

    If you do, then the next time you get the email, login to your server via TELNET or SSH and issue the following command:


    This will give you a dynamic display of what is currently running on your server. If the 3 values follow "load average:" are low (<2) then you've missed the problem and need to try again when you next get the problem report. If they're higher than 2 then you might get some idea of where the problem is.

    If you now look down at the long list of processes that are running, what processes are showing at/near the top of the list?

    If you do get a list of things that you think might be showing the problem (i.e. the 3 load average numbers are high, >2) then copy the whole top display and paste it into this thread and we can help you pick it apart and see if we can identify where the problem actually is.

    There's often a lot more to it than just this, but it's a good start.

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