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    * Ahh Spam I Hate It!

    Someone send this to us. Since when in the hell did I hire a Richard?

    Hi Richard,
    Do you head an organization that is looking to re-engineer the supply chains to reduce cost, drive down inventories and speed your time to market? To put it simply are you planning to increase bottom line?

    If you are one of those few forward looking leaders, by now you should have realized that streamlining various business processes like integrating disparate management systems, leveraging real-time decision support, integrated order entry etc, should be your top priorities. To address these and many more issues we can be your software development partner for the long term.

    I represent an organization named Izhuta which develops custom software solutions for the Manufacturing industry. We understand the entire life cycle of a customer order for a manufactured item. We will offer (Company Named Removed) our cost effective certified onsite/offsite resources to successfully accomplish your mission critical projects.

    Below are various solutions where we can assist (Company Named Removed)
    Manufacturing Solutions
    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Supply Chain Management
    Order & Product Configuration
    Business Intelligence Solutions
    Workflow Solutions

    Distribution Solutions
    Sales Order & Forecasting
    Distribution Planning
    Inventory Management
    Work order Management
    Warehouse Management

    Richard, please let me know if you are interested to have a 15 minute conference call to discuss how we can assist your software development projects with our cost effective services.


    Nick Gangidi
    Business Development Executive
    [email protected]
    800-485-7004 ext 206
    Mobile : 832-788-7452

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