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    Need intense advertising... on a gaming site. read please

    I'm looking to advertise on a gaming site.

    I have a budget of 300USD per month. If you can get me something near to PR5-7 with at least 1500 Clicks a day. Pm me i can adjust the budget higher.

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    I have a site but it is only PR1... can you adjust the budget lower?
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    sorry i'm looking for high traffic movement.

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    i own arcade site with over 6000 u v/month with over 61700 hits month, site is PR3 but it will be soon PR5

    can sell you text link or banner


    please contact me if you are interested


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    Your budget is about 10sd per day, for 1500 clicks - So your after advertising for 0.7 cents a click. Bargain hunter!

    At we have a lot of gaming sites in the directory you could take a look at.

    Also, if there is a publisher out there willing to sell clicks at 0.7 cents each, then you should PM me ASAP, I know I can help you do better than that.

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    pm me if you are interested.

    If you are looking for high clickthru, it will be better to use adwords or advertising network.

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    1500 click a day = 45000 click/month for 300$ ?
    that is a low price ..

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    Square Button - 100x100 $140.56 3,361 clicks/ad/week
    Square Button - 100x100 $51.56 1,233 clicks/ad/week

    Stats from two arcades using You can book through their rate cards.

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    Check out They offer high quality traffic, for really cheap prices.


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    1,438,814 32,792 2.28%

    That is split over four 775*120 banners, all on different locations, Not on the same page.

    309,119 7,800 2.52%
    430,806 10,472 2.43%
    479,088 10,610 2.21%
    219,801 3,910 1.78%

    That's for last month.

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    I have a Futurama Related Site.
    My target audience is people ages 13-26.

    If your advertising for some sort of gaming, I feel it would be an ideal market.
    15000 u/v a week, 240000 hits a week.

    I have upwards of 40 Text links available, can be bought for a lifetime of advertising, or rented monthly

    Please contact me at [email protected] and we can work out what you might be looking for.

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