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    Looking To Advertise? Great Starting CPM Program

    HostPr is representing the ExoticCarNetwork and is offering a new campaign to the WebHostingTalk Community at reduced prices. The Website is a 550+ member, 16,000 page view (123LogAnalyzer v2.1) per day website. It is mostly visited by automobile enthusiasts who are interested in high priced cars, "Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, and other cars of stature'.

    Most of the members of the website have their own website and are always looking for good solid hosting providers. This is HostPr was brought into the picture: To provide advertising from SOLID/REPUTABLE hosting providers and services to the community. Here are the new advertising rates.

    Minimum Initial Buy
    25,000 Impressions = $10
    50,000 Impressions = $15
    100,000 Impressions = $25

    Sponsorship of Forums - $50 per month (each category)
    Email Blast of Your Services - $50 per email blast (Over 500 Members)
    Other Creative Ideas - talk to us.

    Please contact us at [email protected] with the subject of Advertising on the email.

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    please define an "email blast"


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    An email blast is an email that goes out to the members of the board and network that includes 3-5 lines of text about your services as well as news about the network. Your Text will be above our main content.

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    one email?

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    Yes- For 1 Email. VERY VERY Potent. sends out 2 emails per month to it's members. We would only put 1 hosting company PER email.

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    so you will advertise others company and no your company?
    Aquired by Data Provider LLC.

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    Originally posted by phugo
    so you will advertise others company and no your company?
    He doesn't run a hosting company. He runs a PR service (public relations ) for webhosts. It's his job to advertise webhosts. Sort of. Since that's pretty much all the PR required that isn't handled by sales or support people.

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    Thats true - i dont run a hosting company. My job is to promote companies or find them

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    Aquired by Data Provider LLC.

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    It's ok! Any other hosts want to purchase any CPM's or other sponsorship opportunities? We are keeping the door open for another 3 days. Please let us know. We have sold 2 packages so far, as of 9:47pm EST on 8/6/02.

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    i would like try 25,000 Impressions = $10, do you accept paypal?
    Aquired by Data Provider LLC.

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    I would like to try 50,000 impressions. I would also like to know if PayPal is accepted.


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    We have 3 packages left.

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