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    * Virtual server Primary Dns Setup

    I am setting up my first Raq and would like to know if I have My Dns set up correctly before my Static line gets cutover.. I Am happy to say I ditched my 2000 server and it is now a boat anchor somewhere in the Gulf Of Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here Is my set up....
    It is going through a router Gtwy
    The DNS on the router is set up for the Provider
    ((as Usual))
    The server is set up on lets say IP 192.168.XXX.121
    Pointing to the Router Gateway
    The ip range of the subnet is set to support /24 on the RaQ
    .::::This is where it gets a little tricky for me::::.
    My serve rname is the www
    My domain name is exactly that
    But my Primary Dns: should it be a local IP or the IP of the servers of who Handles my zones...((( I have a bought names from a number of Name resellers... )))
    I have read the manuals and understand that all
    the virtual sites key of the local IP for the DNS...
    but does the local IP need to be resolved to the company that centraly Edits and Handles my Zone.
    If this is so then any Subdomains i create should also be
    pointed to the local server IP for name resolution....
    I think I have it figured out..

    ((((would it be easier just to assign each virtual site its own IP and set one as the primary DNS.))))

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    Hi HPV,

    First off, kill that blue century gothic crap.

    I think I understand you are NOT running DNS services on your RaQ, but using the domain registrars to point the domains to your RaQ's IP, right?

    Now, are you asking what to set as the 'primary DNS server address' in the control panel Network settings? If so, just use the IP of your upstream ISP's DNS. Actually, it really doesn't matter who you use as long as its a valid DNS box, but upstream ISP = faster results for reverse lookups, etc.



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    DNS reply...

    Yes that is what I was looking for.. I had the DNS set for the registrars servers... I will set them for My ISPS... thank you for the Help...

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