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    Why do i want uniqe non-consecutiev IPs?

    Hi guys, I'm still looking aroudn to figure out what i need to open my webhosting bisness. My friend he says that I should ask for a hole bunch of IPS and make sure their not consecutive. He doesnt know why he just heard from someone else. Is this true is this what I want and why? Thx

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    In case your host has some IP blocks listed with a group like SPEWS? In this case, better some affected than all?

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    Some people believe that by setting up doorway pages on non consecutive IP's they can trick search engines into allowing the duplicate pages into their listings.

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    What Gordon said. We often receive requests from people saying they want several sites hosted on non consecutive IP's for this reason. People seem to think that the search engines are stupid. - Reliable Web Hosting with magical support
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