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    Beware of BigWetFish

    We would like to make everyone aware on here about our experience with a comany called Big Wet Fish who were hosting out website.

    It went down last week and was down for 4 days before we had any contact. When we did they told us it was a problem with 1and1 who they used to use, but since changing companies aload of websites were lost, mine being one of them.

    After emailing back and fourth abot 10 times BigWetFih told me there was nothig they could do and it was down to me to sort out. On this basis i contacted Nominet who told me it was quite simple to resolve. I followe dtheir instructions and had it back live within 4 hours. This cost me 25 to do this, however as we run a large webshop it was worth paying to get our site back live cos at this point it had been down a week.

    Now this is sorted i have contacted Big Wet Fish to recover the monies it cost to get back live and they have replied asfollows.

    We cancelled this payment request as we are not able to refund this payment to you. As we have stated earlier this is not our fault and 1and1 internet are the people who have detagged your domain name. We refer you to all our previous communication that explains the situation and how we plan to handle the refund situation.

    We refer you to our terms of service which state that we are not liable in any way for any loss how so ever caused. If you feel the need to take further action then you are more than welcome to do so but it will not change our position and our legal advisor has stated we are not abliged to pay any compensation at all as we are more than covered by our terms of service and this detagging is not our doing. We have paid 1and1 for your domain name so any claim is with them

    We feel this is bang out of order and very unprofesional of them to state that it is not to be dealt with them and that we are to deal with 1and1, who we have hd no dealings with.

    Surely BigWet Fish should be responsible for refunding our monies, and then it is down to them to recover the same from 1and1, after all we purchased our webhostng for 2years from Big Wet Fish, not 1and1.

    Can anyone help us get this resolved and our monies which this cost us recovered???

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    So what actually happened for your site to go down??
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    It was de tagged.

    Have just had reply from BigWetFish saying they will refund the 11.75 nominet charge but nothing else, when i have had to pay both 11.75 plus a osting fee out. This will not be refund as they can not afford to refund all affected customers. How poor is that. Proper on a shoe string company it would seem.

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    So they are a reseller at 1and1?

    4 days of downtime was really a huge one to be accepted. 1and1 has nothing to do with this as you are not a customer of their's and they may not be able to help you.
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    I was also affected by this problem with Big Wet Fish. Apparently1 and 1 detagged many of Big Wet Fishs domains and because they had registered all these domains to their clients Nominet would not deal with them, thats why we had to retag the domains ourselves. I got mine back online within 2 hours so not much downtime caused for me and i got me refund! I have a few sites with these guys and have never let me down before, they replied to my tickets with step by step instructions on how to retag so I do beleive that this was not their fault

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    diddle-dee.. how ironic. You have two posts and joined in December.

    I smell a rat.

    To the original poster: Contact a lawyer, you'll get your money back.

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    Yea ive just joined 2day! thats why ive two posts!

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