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    Logo Needed

    I need to come up with a logo for a new forum I'm developing called Pet Talk, it's going to about 100% about pets, caring for, etc.. I'm willing to pay the right person for the right logo. All help is appreciated. PM me with what you have or go to this thread:

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    what colors do you plan on using? what size would you like?

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    It should fit to be about the same size of the default "Invision" logo that's on the board, ( ), I'd like to stick to more light blue or blue-green tones.

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    illustrator based vector logo
    $40 via 2checkout
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    lol gj amadeus
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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    I like the layout of your site!
    I think that this logo will fit perfect!
    I'll give it to you for 25$
    here it is,
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    give me a fair deal and its all yours...

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    Here is my entry

    I am ready to sell it at only $50.


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