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    Job opening. Great pay.

    I posted this ad a few days ago , but didn't get much of a reply from WHT members. I was posting it on WHT to try and get WHT members interested before I went out and went public with the ad. The pay is really amazing and can really add up. You may be thinking "Oh , its compensation only". But really, why would I give money out on an hourly basis for going out and finding clients? You're not working at our office so I can't be sure you're working. Compensation is also a higher pay. So it's really the best option. Most companies offer 20-30% , we offer 40-75%. Anyways, here is the ad.

    We have recently lost one of our leads specialists. Because he generated all our leads with his own advertising and word of mouth, we currently do not have any advertising, which means we do not have a steady stream of clients. We need a new leads specialist who has the following:

    1.) Great with people
    2.) Hard worker, very determined
    3.) Willing to do what it takes to get a client

    This posistion is not easy , its actually very hard. But it pays great. All the posistion is , is really just finding clients for Dash Interactive. You can go about it in any professional way you see fit. You can go around to business's , call places, put ad's in the newspaper , whatever you would like to do to generate clients. Once you have gotten the client to the point where they are interested and want us to service them, we take over from there.

    We offer web design , consulting, software design (for in stores or anything else),graphic design , 2d/3d art and animation, advertising design (flyers/banners/billboards/tv ads, etc etc), business cards, letterheads, media design (cd-rom presentations, cd-rom business cards), interactive displays (we did a museum exhibit which was a touchscreen display), product concept design , training, and even custom built computers.

    The pay: You will get 40%-75% from each client depending on the amount of clients you bring in. If you're bringing in clients really slowly, you will only get 40% from each one. If you bring in lots of clients in a steady stream , you can earn 75%. Thats a really good deal. The 95% of our work is done over $1,000. So you're almost always going to get at least $400 a client. If you continue you bring in a steady stream of clients, we even throw in a bonus here and there.

    Our website is at , however a redesign of the "light version" is taking place , as well as the "heavy version" being at 50% completion. One of our designers PORTFOLIO websites is at

    If you are interested, either PM me, email me ( [email protected] ) or post here. You might want to include the following to help me along in the process.
    - Resume
    - Why you think you are fit for the posistion
    - When you can start
    - Any other questions or comments

    Thank you for your time.

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    your company designed the discovery channel website?
    i use to watch this channel pretty nice channel
    best of luck with your business.
    Contact Online Web Development Company
    Aim: kodvavis
    email: [email protected]

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    Naw. We didn't do the website. If you look on our portfolio it says that we did two museum exhibits for them. So our work is traveling the country in museums

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