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    Thumbs up Webauthorities

    Having worked for someone who rented a Hsphere cluster from Mike at WA, and having spoken to him a few times I have to say these few points...

    • Extremely stable servers & connections. Particular reference to a Windows server that was with him and never crashed once
    • Excellent pricing from what I see on the WA and partner websites for what I think must be outstanding equipment

    I have no doubt if, one day I can afford a dedicated windows server, I will look to webauthorities for it.

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    Mike is a good guy and does a great job keeping the equipment running. I had a server with him for nearly 6 months without a single problem, er, well, other than the problems I created myself. The only reason I stopped the service was that I no longer needed the server opting to use a more local colo facility (at a premium I might add).
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    Mike is a good guy. We have gotten some servers from him . I have spoke to Mike for hours at a time having a friendly convo that you won't find hardly anywhere.

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