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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for approximately 5 people who are interested in advertising with my site, located at First, let me tell you a bit about my site. My forums are fairly new, however currently they are recieving 500 unique users and over 20,000 impressions per day, with over 270 members. They are geared strongly towards the gaming community in general and even more so, games like Starcraft, Diablo & Warcraft. Since none of the games we offer forums for are free, that means nearly every visitor who visits the forums has the ability to purchase items, thus having a much higher buy-rate for advertisings, in lieu of sites who offer free stuff.

    Anyways... I am looking to find 5 people who would be willing to be the first advertisers I have on this site. I wasn't planning on putting up ads this soon, but I want to test it out and see the response I get from my users. Also, I want to get some statistics, so that I can better prepare a media package in the coming months. Since this is a "Beta Program" the prices I am offering are very reasonable, however, there are some things I require. If you participate in this campaign, I would need feedback from you to help improve the advertising system. I will also need statistics showing the results you've recieved from the campaign and i'll also ask you a few questions after it's done (so I can better target users in the future).

    Here are the prices for the Beta Advertising Campaign:

    25,000 Impressions = $7
    50,000 Impressions = $12
    100,000 Impressions = $20

    Width/Height = 468x60
    Maximum Banner Size = 12,000 Bytes

    Each campaign will also come complete with an online control panel for you to see your statistics (which is also beta, so i'll need opinions on that)

    These prices are only through August and there is a limited amount. I am only going to sell 500,000 impressions, in order to keep this beta test controlled. Please note that I am not going to accept any beta testers that purchase less than 25,000 impressions, as anything under 25,000 won't give me enough information. Likewise, the maximum you can purchase at this time, is 100,000, as I want to get ATLEAST 5 beta testers involved in this.

    If you're interested in participating, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions you have or if you would like to see some in-depth statistics from the site. Also please include an approximate amount of impressions you would be interested in purchasing so I can better plan it out. I accept paypal also.

    Adam (SkuZZy)
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    Email sent
    Cube X Hosting
    AIM: CubeXH, Yahoo: CubeXH
    ICQ: 141385855

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    I'm wishing I had more impressions to sell now

    So far 3 people have claimed 250,000 impressions.

    Only 250,000 more left.

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    sent pm
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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