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    If your site has at least 15 000 unique visitors per month our company can organize a free ad campaign service for you. What this service includes

    - Analyzing which ad agencies will pay most for ad-space on your site
    - Providing subscription links to ad agencies
    - Generating and positioning ad-codes on your site for you

    All of this completely free of charge. Contact us using PM here to get started. Sites with 15k monthly visitors can expect to make $5-10 per month from each ad-source, providing a grand total of $20-$30 per month or more.

    If you have more than 15 000 monthly visits you will earn higher respectivly. Don't delay and begin generating an income using multiple ad-streams from your site today.

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    You will earn much higher than Google Adsense and most ad services pay directly into PayPal (unlike Adsense). This service will combine 2-5 of the most reputable ad agencies to provide the highest earning rate on your site.

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    We have 17 sites having traffic more than 2,00,000 visitors per month each, can u guide us in this regard.

    We are now using Google adsense only, willing to create some sites with alternate ads provider

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    FG-alex, please email me, contact is from


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