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    What are your plans for Thanksgiving

    Well with Thanksgiving right around the corner, wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. How are you all spending your thanksgiving this year?


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    Thanks for the happy, you too.

    I'm going to eat until I'm sick, and then eat again after it.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.
    My oldest son and his wife are coming up from Norfolk as I type. We are going to do the whole turkey thing tomorrow. Friday go in to Manhattan. Saturday to some friends house in the country. Good times.

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    Thank you as well for the happy Thanksgiving. My son and I are going to be spending it with close family friends, my sisters and nephews were going to come as well but those plans changed at the last minute. This has to be one of my favorite holidays

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    I am going to spend it with my wife, my in-laws and the rest on my wife's family (considering that my family is back in Romania, I won't be with them ). I know I will succeed to refrain myself from overeating, but I'm going to have to listen to everyone else crying and crawling on the floor.

    For the first time, I am actually thinking to go shopping on Friday. That should be a thrilling experience. I hope I come back alive.

    Thank you for the good wishes and "Happy Thanksgiving!" to everybody from me too.

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    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I'll be having lunch with friends in the Canoe & Kayak Club.
    Here are pictures from last year
    One picture is in black and white because they have a section of ceiling painted yellow. I could not get a good software color correction for a picture taken with bounce flash there. This year I'll try using ISO 800 and available light for that section of the table.

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    Plan on spending the night with my wife and in-laws. We are having ribs instead of turkey so I am definitely looking forward to it.

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    I'm going to McDonalds (LOL!) no seriously the fiance and I are doing Thanksgiving on my side and her side. Her side at one, and mine at about four.

    Not my favorite holiday at all. I really hate Thanksgiving food, but I will bare with it.

    Have a safe holiday everyone.


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    Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

    I am spending the day at home, taking care of Dad, cooking and watching some flicks. Oh and surfing the web.

    For all of you traveling, please be safe
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    Raiding on US-WoW/Blackhand with my family tonight.

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    I didnt even know it was thanks giving.

    I dont think us English make such a big thing of Thanksgiving as you guys over the pond.
    -- Adam

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    when is thanksgiving ?

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