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    248 Win2k Reseller Accounts - Starting $29.95

    Hello is pleased to offer Ensim Win 2k reseller accounts available effective August 6th 2002.
    Here is a little more about the power behind Ensim Win 2k.

    Powered by IBM x series servers + Yipes Gig-E connection, your win2k accounts will be on one of the fastest networks in the country and powered by some of the best hardware in the industry.
    Here is a speed test for checking -

    Here are the Ensim Win 2k plans:

    750 mb of Disk space
    20gb of Bandwidth
    3 ip based accounts
    15 name based accounts
    Monthly: $39.95
    **************Special intro offer - $29.95

    1500 mb of Disk Space
    30gb of Bandwidth
    7 ip based accounts
    20 name based accounts
    Monthly: $54.95

    2000 mb of Disk Space
    40gb of Bandwidth
    11 ip based accounts
    25 name based accounts
    Monthly: $69.95

    2500 mb of Disk Space
    50gb of Bandwidth
    15 ip based accounts
    30 name based accounts
    Monthly: $89.95

    All ips must follow all arin guidlines.
    This is a great option for people to start offering win2k to there customers and help grow there business.

    This is currently not listed on our website, please contact [email protected] for any questions that you may have and to place your orders.

    You also may contact our Director of Sales at [email protected]
    AIM - WISH0718
    ICQ - 106419280

    Thanks, Good Luck.

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