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    Iam just wondering,

    i almost have my site finished and now iam looking for a decent host to host it. I already found about 25 sites with daily 1000 to 1.200.000 hits a day that will link me on theire mainpage. I also had a top10 yahoo, google, altavsita and lycos postion before and i think i'll do again in about 3 months.

    But.. i want a forum, that's no problem, but i want an active forum, where peoples actually post stuff.
    And it's very hard to get an empty forum started.

    That's why iam looking for computer / hardware / software / internet / tweaking / game etc etc related sites who wanne share a forum.
    Iam just wondering now, if there would at least be any intrest (probably not )

    We can work something out, like u getting admin control and a link on the forum to your site. Instead of my logo just something like:

    Forum of:

    It's just a little brainstorm..

    Of coarse u need to have some traffic, i had 25.000 hits/day with my old site. I'll probably won't make it with my new site. But i think i can have 2000 in about 3 months.
    The site will be about tweaking and computers.

    But like a sayd it's just a little brainstorm 2 see if anyone is intrested. WE can always discuss all stuff here on irc ( #b8 ) aks for ic3d, or by mail or anything.

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    If you wanna make a related gaming site, you can have your own forum @, heheh. As far as getting an empty forum started, I hear ya. My forums have been up for 5 days now and they are doing quite well, however it hasn't been easy at all (it's not like just putting them up and sitting back). Anyways... good luck with your forums, i'm sure someone out there is looking for the same thing you are.

    - SCS

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    I already have some mails, plz also post here if u mailed me or if u are intending 2. Otherwise the topic get's lost again

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