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    name based domains

    Hi all and many thanks for the wealth of info in this forum.

    Its either too hard or way too simple for me to understnd.

    I have run few searches on what i want but was noy successful.

    Got a raq4 with few IPs .. i have already setup about 8 domains all with thier own IPs ..
    i assigned one of them (i.e an IP (i.e: .. now i want to add other domains to that IP .. what do i exactly do?


    P.S: as per the title, am a total newbie. :/

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    Just add it via the control panel.
    The only limitation is that you can only have one SSL site per IP.
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    Thanks for replying balcknight.

    Thats not much detailing

    - I Add Virtual Site
    - Cp provides me with an UNUSED IP .. i change it to (i.e:
    - i fill in the data ..
    - Confirm New Site
    - i get "This IP address is in use as an SSL server by another site"

    OOops .. i know now.
    The existing site with that IP has SSL enabled.

    I disabled SSL and managed to add the domain.

    Thanks blacknight.

    just a Q.
    What would the path for the newly added domain be?
    (say i added & to the same IP .. what is the true bath for each domain on the raq?

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    The RAQ uses the following structure:
    /home/sites/home/web/ - your servers main site (site1)
    /home/sites/ - a virtual site - probably also know as site2

    The easiest way to see the structure is to SSH into the box and cd to the /home/sites/ directory and do a ls -l
    You'll then see that you have a number of sites which are referenced by site number, but which are also linked via www.domainname.ext (possibly blue dependoing on your SSH client)

    If you aren't familiar with RAQs then you should spend some time on some of the help/tutorial sites first. A lot of problems/queries that you have and will have are common, so you can probably get the answers without too much difficulty.
    If you are completely NEW then do a search on this board for RAQ security.
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    I appreciate your help freatly and will do the search and reading recommended.

    Thanks for your help.

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