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    s.t.a.r.g.a.t.e..i.n.c hosting?

    Can some of u guy give me some information on how is the s.t.a.r.g.a.t.e..i.n.c webhosting like. Is it good, i am doing a project which requires asp. If there is other good windows host, please recommend. Thanks
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    Hi WishingFish,

    I signed up for the PRO Hosting plan last year. I used to recommend them, but I don't do it any longer. Their Customer Service went from bad to worse. I posted details about what happened in this thread: (look for my 1st post near the end --the long one, not the short one)

    You may also would like to take a look at this thread:

    On a good note, I finally received one month refund for a service I cancelled and they never acknowledged until it was too late. It took for Tom, a member here who works with them, to help me get such a refund. I also believe that they should have refunded me for two months intead of one since I wasn't able to FTP into my account to make any changes. Many of my emails went unanswered, and I also received "scripted" responses. I will keep an eye on them though. If customer service improves, I may go back for their domain registration services. Right now I'm very happy with my new host and my new domain registrar.

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