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    CPanel skins

    I noticed a few posts that talk about skinning Cpanel. Just wondering if their are any websites that contain a bunch of Cpanel skins that are free to use, or that can be further branded with my logos?

    Do most hosts allow for custome skins? What about Splashhost or MC Host in particular?

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    I don't know of any particular site with free cpanel themes. However there are really good professional themes available for small fee.

    Yes, many hosts use themes. It looks nice for end-users

    BTW, seach the Control Panel forum, or visit for more info on skins.

    [edit] Yes, reseller hosts allow custom themes where you can customize the services and add your logo etc.. [/edit]
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    Most will let you modify exisitng ones, eg. Bluelagoon, so you can easily get all the commands right and just worry about the look of the skin

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    You should take a look here, which is the Skins section at the CPanel Support Forums. There's probably a free skin listed in there and also instructions as to how to edit the current skins. If you just want to add your own logo, hosts such as McHost and SplashHost shouldn't have a problem if you wanted to have a custom skin uploaded just for your account, but you'll still have to email them to ask.

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