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Thread: C1 host? why?

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    C1 host? why?

    Not too sure whats going to happend to this post since im not too sure what the reasoning is in the first place.

    But ive noticed that when certain hosts such as C1 Host (1 = I) get mentioned, they always get blocked out, or the post deleted.

    why is this? What have they done to get black listed?

    And in particular, what about C1 Host makes it a bad host. I looked at their portfolio, and they seem to have some pretty big clients. but theive obviously done soemthing wrong.

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    a lot of the time its because the company spammed the forums, other than that its a broken rule or two (or three or four...)

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    Click on the search button at the top, and type in their company name. Do a similar search in Google. You'll quickly see what they messed up.


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    This maybe have anything to do with it?
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