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    Question Bandwidth Question

    What should I ask if I want detailed bandwidth statistics from my web hoster ? I asked once, but the support gave just cut n paste the amount in the bandwidth section and just say used 8.22 G for July.

    When I see totalled downloaded bandwidth from Webalizer, it is totally different from the downloaded bandwidth in the CPANEL4

    Example, for July usage my site clocked downloaded bandwidth 6557079 MB ( 6.56 G ) but when I see in the Bandwidth section, it clocked at 8225.671280 MB ( 8.23 G )

    I have only 5 email that seldomly use and no ftp is defined. So from where else the remaining bandwidth (1.67 G) come from ?

    For my July report also quite a mystery. The differential betwwen webalizer(4.77 G ) and bandwith ( 6.56 G) is 1.79G

    I also have Analog report, but I don't know how to use them. Please help me.

    Thank you.

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    ask for the raw log files and then get an analyzer to see how much http traffic you actually used.

    also, if you are getting charged for 1-2 GB overage try moving to a higher plan or a different host.

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    you do have to concider ftp and mail traffic too... arent those calculated into cpanel's bandwidth usage report?

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