Hi all,

I have a company located in South America. Our business is to integrate solutions and we have a division specialized on Internet pressence.

Finally companies are interested in e-commerce but the prices of the only local bank and payment gateway are too high for transactions.

So the choice to go is to have a solution outside and use the e-commerce hosting plans but I need a little more detail on how this works - international wire transfers, commisions, taxes, etc - and if this model is used to work and what are the key elements to be consider.

Some companies here have this kind of solutions to e-commerce interest and I want to know how can I offer it to my customers. Preferably I would like to resell some e-commerce hosting plans with the adequate payment gateway, platform is not an issue and also will like to know how far I can go in shopping cart customization and things related

I hope you can answer to these questions or at least give me a starting point

Best regards,
Alberto Saavedra